Lanlawren - February 2015 Hi Fiona,
I just thought I should let you know that we are home now.
We had a lovely time at Lanlawren and would definitely like to come back and stay longer next time. It's such a beautiful cottage in such a stunning area. Our daughters absolutely loved it there! We were quite sad to leave.
Thank you very much for a wonderful stay in your lovely cottage. We hope to come back soon.
Kind regards,
Hi Jo
Wonderful to hear you were sad to leave .............. especially as you were rudely woken up by that dreadful alarm.
Clive was a real brick turning out at 1 am and Peter and Clive sorted the problem the next day. We are so lucky to have such wonderful people at the end of the phone looking after our guests. Actually it is so rare that we have anything go wrong. I think the last time Clive was called out was about 8 years ago when we owned Blanches Windsor at Lansallos (our old home) to a squirrel which got down a chimney and did an amazing amount of damage.
Look forward to your return visit.
Kind regards