Pets staying in Cornwall We are dog owners and are very pleased to welcome guests with dogs We are also very conscious of our responsibility to all our guests. We want the cottages to always look their best - and for peace, cleanliness and tranquillity to be maintained. Dogs can enjoy a wonderful holiday in this area with beaches, sea, woods and fields to walk and explore. Please, though, keep them under control, especially near and around livestock. We will normally be happy for you to bring your dog, subject to prior arrangement - please telephone us to discuss on 01720 423000. A small weekly charge of £12.00 per pet and strict adherence to the following rules: 1. Dogs must never be left alone in either cottage.
2. Dogs must not sleep on or climb onto furniture. 3. Dogs must not foul the terraces behind Charlie Wilcox Cottages. Lanlawren Cottage has its own private garden. Can we ask that you check the garden thoroughly for any messes before leaving. Many thanks for your help.