Willy Wilcox Cottage Information The cottage has a beautiful, cosy, beamed drawing room with a stone fireplace (a massive copper hood) and expansive views out to sea and over the harbour. The well equipped kitchen/dining room is right over the cave. There are 4 delightful bedrooms, all with subdued lighting.
The Beach Room, a 5' double, on the South end of the cottage is closer to the sea than you would be in many lighthouses. A side door leads straight onto the elevated terrace above the beach. Tiptoe out in the moonlight and share a nightcap..... The Harbour Room is an en-suite 5' double and overlooks the quay where the fishing boats unload their catches. The Quay Room is a small twin bedroom again overlooking the quay and with lovely views out to sea. The Boat Room, in the style of a ship's cabin, is adorned with many interesting ropes and buoys. In addition to the open fire, there is storage heating in all reception rooms and the main bedrooms. Other bedrooms have wall heaters.